KARACHI - In Pakistan, more than 50,000 patients die every year due to irreversible organ failure and the number of such deaths is increasing five percent yearly.

The common causes of kidney failure are neglected stone disease, diabetes militias, hypertension, kidney infection, congenital diseases and others, said Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, chairman Medical and Social Welfare Committee Arts Council of Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club here on Friday, he said the best way to prevent kidney failure was early diagnose of kidney diseases and aggressive treatment however, despite all measures, some kidneys fail.

Self-medication can also damage your kidney. Medical and Social Welfare Committee Arts Council of Pakistan is concerned over the increase number of cases of Chronic Renal Failure in Pakistan, he said.

Dr Sajjad said, “Treatment of kidney failure is either has dialysis or kidney transplant. Whereas dialysis offered an excellent short time treatment, transplant is the option which gives the best chance of a good long-term quality of life. One year patient survival on hemo dialysis is 75 percent and 98 percent after transplant. For patients who do not have a living donor available, they can opt for deceased donor to transplant (cadaveric transplant). The facilities of dialysis and transplantation of kidney should be dealt by the government but unfortunately health budget is 0.6 percent only of the total GDP.”

He said Islam gives permission for such transplant and all major Islamic bodies including Islamic Ideological Council of Pakistan had given their verdict (Fatwa) in its favour. “To keep your kidneys healthier for longer time, it is important to learn about the diseases and also get your kidneys treated on periodic basis. You have to take plenty of water, take less protein diet and avoid self-medication. Always take advice from qualified doctors. A play “Subah Nau” for the awareness of kidney diseases would be staged on April 1 (tomorrow) at Open Air Theatre, Arts Council.

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