ISLAMABAD  – Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to launch new sector “C” in the federal capital. Sources said CDA has decided to introduce sectors C-15 and C-16 and take the possession of required land immediately on this count. Sources said CDA has also decided to set up a new directorate under nomenclature of state management to address the complaints of inmates of residential areas. In this connection approval will be accorded to set up directorate of statement management No 3. Summary in this regard will soon be received by members of board and elementary work will be started in sectors c-15, C-16 and D-13. Following the launching of new sectors new directorate will ensure initiation of steps for taking immediate possession of the land of these sectors. Land will be acquired by taking the locals into confidence and making them payment of compensation. The CDA is eager to take immediate possession of the land as it fears that any delay on its part in this respect will give free hand to the people to raise illegal constructions.  Meanwhile, representatives of certain rural areas of Islamabad have demanded of the high-ups of CDA and representatives of the respective Union Councils to provide them with basic amenities of life. The residents of Chattha Bakhtawar, Jagyot, and dozens of other rural areas in the limits of the federal capital have expressed concerns over the prevalent problems there. They informed that sewerage system in streets is in a miserable condition. The streets present picture of a pool of contaminated water after every rain spell. Moreover, the crossing bridges are in a depleted state. No development plan has been started in the tenure of the PPP-government.  Though Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf vowed to supply natural gas to the rural areas, no action has been taken in this regard. The rulers have failed to keep their promises. Also these areas are deprived of clean drinking water. In a nutshell, the problems of the rural population have multiplied during the last five years. INP adds: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has prepared the development plan for Sector I-12 of the federal capital at an estimated cost of Rs 3 billion.Member Engineering Sanaullah Aman appointed Deputy Director Umer Sagheer Rana as director of the project. According to the plan, Markaz of Sector I-12 will be developed first and contract for the construction of roads will be awarded soon. The CDA officials told INP that Engineering has requested the Finance wing of the civic body to provide it funds on priority basis so that tenders could be announced. The process of tenders will be completed in 45 days.Meanwhile, Sector E-12 will also be developed at the cost of Rs8 billion. In order to get possession of land, affectees of Sector E-12 will be given residential plots in Sector I-12. It is pertinent to mention here that Sector E-12 was started about 24 years ago.