PESHAWAR – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Provincial Leader Samad Mursalin has expressed grave concern over awarding party tickets and demanded party chairman Imran Khan to take notice of the issue and remove workers reservations. While addressing a news conference on Saturday here at the press club, Mursalin said that he had already submitted documents for the National Assembly (NA-1) and provincial assembly (PK-2) seats but party hadn’t formally issued tickets.

He also vowed to accept party decision what that may be regarding tickets’ allotment.

Mursalin also feared violation of merit in awarding party tickets to candidates in KPK for national and provincial assemblies, because the names that come to fore were not ideological workers.

In KPK, he alleged that certain opportunists had hijacked the party for their own interests. He said the party Parliamentary Board constituted to award tickets was also bestowing tickets to their near and dear ones instead of following merit, which was spreading anxiety among workers. Mursalin demanded the party central chairman Imran Khan to take notice of the issue and review the decisions of the Parliamentary Board in awarding party tickets.

Meanwhile, PTI workers from PK-11 also demanded party central leadership for awarding party ticket to ideological worker Dr Inyatur Rahman.

From Sawabi our staff reporter adds: Differences have been deepened in the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) as the annoyed group comprises some key leaders said if their party leadership failed to hear them they will contest the general elections from three provincial constituencies and one national assembly seat as a protest.

They told the media here on Saturday that they were expecting justice from their leaders but they adopted undemocratic methods, causing serious damage to the party and confusing both leaders and workers.

Observers said that the differences in home district of the provincial president Asad Qaisar may cause serious dents in the party and spoil his plan to contest election here from one each national and provincial assembly constituencies.

In the annoyed group Arshad had applied for PK-36 Swabi-VI ticket, Shah Wali for PK-31 Swabi-1, Salman Faisal for PK-35 Swabi-V, and NA-13 SWabi-11. Abdur Rashid brother of former MPA Abdul Majid Khan applied for NA-13.

They said that the provincial president Asad Qaiser nominated himself the party candidate for NA-13 and PK-35.

They demanded that he should leave the former and focus on the latter because he is the provincial president and it might be more suitable for him to focus on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They said that if their demand of withdrawal of tickets had not been fulfilled till Sunday noon they will move to contest elections as independent candidates.

“We want tickets should be withdrawn from the candidate of NA-13, PK-31, PK-34, and PK-35. Qaisar should contest election either from NA-13 or PK-35,” said Arshad.

They alleged that Qaisar had ensured a number of candidates in advance that he would award tickets to them if he clinched the provincial president slot. “This was totally against the democratic principles and the pledges made with the workers/ leaders by its chairman Imran Khan on a number of occasions that the party decisions would not be made in the drawing rooms and none of the norms of democracy to be violated,” shah said.

KPK PPP ticket issue

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Anwar Saifullah Khan has said that reservations over awarding tickets on few constituencies would be resolved with the consultation of the party’s leaders soon.

He said this after inaugurating the PPP Media Management Cell here on Saturday.

He said that reservations of intending candidates and workers would be resolved after the consultation with PPP top brass.

He said the parliamentary board had almost finalised arrangements for issuing tickets to 27 candidates of the National Assembly out of the total 35 while 86 of the provincial assembly out of the total 99 besides another 10 for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) out of 12.

Regarding the reported differences among the workers on allotting of tickets in various constituencies, he said it was the right of every member to apply for the party’s ticket but later the workers would accept the decision and there would be no problem.

Anwar Saifullah Khan said the Pakhtuns should jointly strive for restoration of peace instead of hurling threats.

“The general elections are ahead and we will contest it for which we will hold meetings and attend functions. Being the Muslim, it was our belief the days of every one is fixed, which could not be changed by any power,” he added.

He said that Taliban were also Pakhtun and we are too. So, we should think as to who were dying in the on going war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, tribal areas, Karachi, Baluchistan.

He called for holding negotiations for restoration of peace and for the better future of Pakhtun. He said that he had been living in Southern districts and has borders with the tribal belt.

The information secretary, Liaquat Shabab, Nighat Orakzai, candidate for NA-1, Ahmad Faheem and coordinator, Danyal Khan were also present on the occasion. The PPP president, Anwar Saifullah claimed that the party would face no problems in any constituency and all the workers would accept the decisions once he issued the final list within next few days.

He said due to technical mistakes, the ticket for the NA-1 was given to Azam Afridi despite the fact he had applied for the provincial assembly constituency. He said he would discuss these issues in the meeting and take final decision.