LAHORE – The Government College University Dramatics Club (GCUDC) Saturday staged its annual Urdu play ‘Shah-e-Alam’ … a political satire that revolves around symbolic journey of dictator.

GCU VC Dr Khaleequr-Rahman was the chief guest at the opening show of the play written and directed by GCUDC Advisor Sameer Ahmad.

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal and a large number of Old Ravians also witnessed the show and applauded the performance of university students.

Former Dramatics Club president Salman Bhatti plays role of King Shah Muhammad. The king’s fears are highlighted through the juxtaposition of three hallucinations: his conscience played by Umer Dar, Changez Khan played by Hamza Ishfaq and the soul of his wife Shah Begum played by GCUDC former president Nayab Faiza. While conscience reminds Shah Muhammad of the sacrifices that the public has made for the king’s pleasures. Shah Begum reminds him of the choices he has made in order to retain and expand his kingdom. Changez Khan urges the king to be dictator and disregard the voice of his conscience. king’s daughter Shah Bano played by Mariam Dogar.”

king is unaware of the conspiracy being hatched in his court. Waleed Hashmi, Zohaib Zafar, Hammad Sohail and Umer Shehzad as the courtiers deliver powerful performances. The play’s climax is a powerful and moving culmination of the tension built over successive scenes.”

GCUDC Adviser Sameer Ahmad says that the play interposes between dream and reality. To achieve the effects, the continuum of time and space is managed cleverly. Lights and Sounds In-charge Saad Jamal created two zones by the use of lighting. This shift creates the kind of ‘willful suspension of disbelief’ that drama requires for its impact to register on the audience. Addressing the audience, the VC announced cash awards of Rs 100,000 for the play. He also announced cash award of Rs 5,000 each for the GCU technical staff that supported the GCUDC. He said that theatre had an important function to reform the society.

He appreciated the GCU Dramatics Club for introducing a new trend of writing and lauded the team for successfully staging its fourth consecutive home production.

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal said that he was thrilled by the efforts of the GCUDC.