KARACHI - The continuing drive of targeted operations is not enough to avoid any untoward incident in upcoming elections as a number of areas are remain under the siege of various war lords.

According to details, there are a number of vicinities located in the country’s commercial hub where militants have been ruling the roost without any kind of hindrance apparently creating with the slogan of targeted operation.

It is worth mentioning here that various parts of the City are still under the complete control of criminal gangs, militants and politically affiliated groups engage in a fight to save their own territorial boundaries.

The issue of domination exists in the surrounding areas of metropolis, including Shah Latif Town, Quaidabad, Sherpao Colony, and adjacent areas of Landhi where criminals have recently developed the organisational structure. A number of blasts, attack on anti-polio workers, attacks on law enforcers, cable operators and political workers have had victimized by the TTP in the above said areas.

The areas where law enforces yet to be started the operations, including Faqir Muhammad Goth, Chotta Plaza, and other areas of Sohrab Goth where situation remain not changed and scores of law-enforcement personnel have been killed in last six months and police posts and stations came under attack by the criminals.

Sohrab Goth located in Gadap Town area is interlinked with Surjani Town, New Karachi and North Karachi where confrontation among sectarian religious groups and political parties have become a routine matter.

Outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Sunni Tehreek, Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Pakistan People’s Party used to fight on various issues a number of times and current circumstances are not indicating the peaceful holding of elections in said areas.   

Residents of the North Karachi erected barricades in all the ways connected with the terrorists dominated area of Mangopir. They flash out the Awami National Party and sort out the disputes on Jirga, removed the cable networks, CD shops and other sort of anti Islamic activities in their strong hold areas.

Witnesses said that rangers and police had conducted several cosmetic operations in the area dominated by the criminals but before each operation, the culprits moved away from the areas due to prior information.

Rangers used to display the recovered licensed weapons and returned after a month of the raid, said a resident of Pukhtoonabad. The areas, including Pukhtoonabad, Sultanabad, Kanwari Colony, Awan Colony, Bukhari Colony, Saeedabad and other areas located at hill-top are remain under complete control of the terrorists.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that TTP used to organise religious gatherings, jirgas and other sort of motivational gatherings without any fear of operation. Residents when contacted said that election process in the areas and other surrounding vicinities was not an easy task for the authorities because political parties and even the law enforces could not suppose to go in the areas dominated by terrorists as scores of law enforcers, spies, political leaders, workers and suspects have been killed by the terrorists.

DIG Javaid Odho said, “TTP dominated in some parts of the District West not in all district.” Reported incidents pointed out that terrorists exist in some areas operating very much far away from their dominating limits. Now, they can managed to reach North Nazimabad, Nazimabad, Nagan Chowrangi and other areas to accomplish their illegitimate objectives, recent incidents reported witnessed.

The areas, included Site, Shairshah and Maripur separating District west and South where existence of terrorists has yet to be seen but the areas of south known for gangs and political warfare. Lyari the area of around two million people introduced the concept of gang war in 2001-2 and thousands of people were killed till 2008 just because of fight between the gangs of Arshad Papu and Rehman Dakait. Dakait was shot dead in a mysterious police encounter while Papu was recently killed and his body was mutilated and burnt before flashing out. Thus Dakait’s successor Noor Muhammad aka Baba Ladla and Ghaffar Zikri replaced Papu.

Lyari and adjacent areas, including Pak Colony, Golimar, Maripur and other Baloch dominated areas located in the City remain under the complete control of Ladla where non Baloch and even innocent Baloch use to kill by the gangsters on daily basis. Lyari allegedly contributes more than 70 percent of total shot dead gunny bag bodies. People used to kill on linguistic grounds, political grounds and rival gang members. Police and rangers claimed to have conducted a number of operations in last five years but not a single operative of Ladla gang was arrested in a drive against the gangsters.

It is pertinent to mention here that the city’s dominating political force MQM, PPP and ST and other groups have their own force to protect their respective remits and such a cosmetic operation is not enough to create a peaceful election environment.