LAHORE – Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday reiterated his resolve that the first priority of his party was the recovery of the plundered national wealth and holding corrupt elements accountable while young volunteers would be the foot-soldiers of his party's electioneering campaign.“All the forces of status quo are joining hands to once again plunder national wealth but all their designs would be thwarted by PTI. Despite their efforts, the parties of status quo have failed to buy the loyalties of the youth in exchange of laptops and other valuables. The youngsters are aware of the fact that the passion cannot be beaten by money," said Imran Khan while addressing the inaugurating ceremony of PTI’s ‘Tabdeeli Razakar’ (PTI volunteers for a change) programme.

According to a message received here, Khan said:  “No other political party has a force like the PTI and all the parties of status-quo tried their level best to attract youngsters by making different offers to them, but now after witnessing the support of youngsters for PTI, they should admit the fact that money has no match to passion,” remarked the PTI chief.

He added that the youth have committed to bring about a change in the country through the platform of PTI, adding that the parties of status quo have turned the politics of Pakistan as family business and they have no interest in progress of the country. “I want to see youth in power because they want to serve the country. A real competition is going to be held during the upcoming elections between the corrupt and the PTI.

He said that he had the credit of bringing in the neutral empires in cricket matches and the first time a neutral umpire stood in a cricket match due to his effort. He added that the upcoming election would an epic battle between the corrupt and the PTI's eagles.

The PTI chairman said that the people in streets were confronted by hardships just because of the apathy of these so-called political leaders who remained in power for many times but did nothing for remedy of the public. “They have allowed foreign forces to kill Pakistanis just to bag dollars in their off-shore bank accounts abroad. But now we want to make a new Pakistan. A specific group has sabotaged our country just for their vested interests,” he lamented.

Imran Khan said that the PTI would beat the looters of public money with passion. He called into question those political pundits who were hatching conspiracies against the youth of Pakistan claiming that tsunami has been finished.