LAHORE – TheNation Editor in Chief Majid Nizami visited the the annual book fair at the Punjab University on Saturday.

Senator SM Zafar, Senator Jahangir Badar, GCU VC Dr Khaleequr Rehman, columnist Hasan Nisar, Dr Ajmal Niazi, Chaudhry Muhammad Akram, artist Sohail Ahmed, Hafeezullah Niazi, Iftikhar Feroz and other noted people also visited the fair.

Talking to the media, Nizami highlighted the importance of reading, saying that the relationship with books help lead the life.

He praised PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran for playing his part for national solidarity, saying that the VC was playing his role in imparting the ideology of Pakistan to students.  “The Jamaat got annoyed at me after I told Maulana Modoodi the JI did not have the right to dictate the type of democracy in Pakistan since it had not voted for the creation of Pakistan in 1946,” he recalled.