The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan reiterated that PTI would bring peace in tribal region.

He said that people of tribal region were patriotic and they rendered have a lot of sacrifices for peace.

Addressing a public gathering in Swat on Sunday, Imran said he has been asking for a long time that operation was not solution of terrorism, but those who were criticizing him in the past were singing the same slogan of peace talks with insurgents.

Calling youths, he said that you have to make a new Pakistan. He said that PTI would draft an educational system, added that, 25000 billion rupees would be spent on education.

He promised to bring motorway like police in across the country which would be free of political pressure.

The PTI chief said that time of traditional parties have gone, it was time to bring change.

The cricket turned politician said that PTI would distribute party tickets on merit and would give 25 percent party tickets to youths under age of 35 years.

Khan once again repeated his six points which he presented during the Lahore rally a few days back.

He said he would always speak truth to the people. He would not say anything to the people which would be out of his reach.

Khan said that he would save masses wealth, and the wealth would be spent on welfare projects.

No MNA, MPA or influential person would get advantage in his government, Khan said, added that, he would support overseas Pakistanis.