RAWALPINDI - A flight of Air Blue arriving from Manchester had to make an emergency landing at Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport (BBIIAP) after its hydraulic system developed a faulty here on Saturday.According to Civil Avocation Authority (CAA) sources, the Air Blue flight was coming from Manchester on Saturday morning and it developed fault in hydraulic system. The plane has to land in emergency for which the runway of the airport was vacated. However, all the passengers on board and pilot were remained safe, the sources said. “The CAA made special arrangements for the emergency landing of the airplane and got vacated the runaway” sources said.On the other hand BBIIAP Manager Tariq Gill told media men that it was not the emergency landing but we could say it was priority landing as the plane hydraulic system developed fault. He said that it was not serious matter but the administration had to make arrangements for such landing. He said that the precautionary measures had been adopted for the safe landing of the plane at runway. “All the passengers on board and crew were safe and the flight operation at the airport was remained normal” the manager stated.