LAHORE - The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed grave concern over the failure of the police and security agencies to recover Zeenat Shahzadi, who had gone missing in Lahore while she was striving for the recovery of a missing person.

During a press conference yesterday, HRCP vice chairperson Nazish Attaullah, Executive Council member Hina Jillani, Secretary General IA Rehman and other human rights activists said that the inability of a joint investigation team to recover Zeenat, who was picked up in August last and whose case was being heard by the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearance, was exceedingly disappointing.

They said that the suicide by Zeenat’s brother the other day was a reflection of the family’s desperation over her continued disappearance. They demanded that bland denial of Zeenat’s custody did not absolve the government of its obligation to the citizens.

“Whoever may be holding her, the civil society calls upon the governments of Pakistan and Punjab and the security agencies to ensure that the circumstances of her disappearance are thoroughly investigated to identify those involved. She should be located and reunited with her family at the earliest,” they demanded.