SARGODHA - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the Senate chairman as well as the senators elected to the upper house of parliament this month through horse trading must be sent packing.

Abbasi a few days ago stir quite a storm by refusing to meet Sadiq Sanjrani, saying that he was elected through unfair means and therefore was not a true representative of the country.

Sanjrani – the first-ever Senate chairman from Balochistan – won the key slot on March 12 by defeating ruling PML-N's Raja Zafarul Haq, with the help of opposition parties and the independents.

“Our opponents are disturbed these days over my remarks about Senate chairman. I repeat that people of Pakistan do not accept the seats obtained using money, he said in an address here, refusing to take back his statement about Sanjrani.

“Those who have become senator or Senate chairman using money cannot represent Pakistan. These people need to be sent packing,” PM Abbasi insisted, adding that the “politics of horse trading needed to be buried forever”.

The prime minister was addressing the inauguration ceremony of Chaudhry Abdul Hameed Cardiology Centre at District Headquarters Hospital and two high pressure gas pipelines of 12 and 16 inch diameters for Sargodha city, the PM said that

He was accompanied by State Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, State Minister Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha and Special Assistant to PM Dr Mussadiq Malik. MNA Dr Zulfiqar Bhatri and MPA Abdur Razzaq were also present on the occasion.

The premier said Pakistan Tehreeki-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan also voted Pakistan Peoples Party in Senate election despite having alleged PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari of buying PTI’s 14 senators.

“I challenge Imran and Zardari to appear on the television and say that MPAs and votes were not bought,” he said, adding that the sanctity of the vote would be undermined if such politics continued.

Abbasi said he was proud of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz as it did not spend even a single penny for buying votes in the Senate election.

“We want to end this type of politics because it’s not in the country’s best interests. We want to bury this type of politics so no matter who has a problem with it, you will have to deal with it,” he said.

Meeting with CJP

The prime minister said his opponents had a problem with his recent meeting with Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar and it was said that he visited the CJP as a ‘faryadi’ (complainant).

“They said I visited the chief justice as a ‘faryadi’; so yes, I did go to him as a faryadi... as a ‘faryadi’ of this country.” He said he had contacted Justice Nisar to discuss issues faced by the country.

“I don’t want to discuss the meeting but I can tell you that we did not discuss any personal issues.” He added, “My witness is the chief justice.”

The PM believed that there was no harm in interaction when there was common objective of country’s development.

“I am the prime minister of this nation. (I am the) prime minister of this country. Chief Justice heads an institution. If I find any difficulty, I am bound to meet him and try to remove those,” he remarked.

Abbasi said the country belonged equally to all including he, Imran Khan and even the chief justice.

“How the country will run if we confine ourselves to our office and not talk to each other,” he said, recalling his statement at the parliament that the government was facing some issues in running its affairs smoothly.

The prime minister said the meeting continued for two hours and “I hope he (CJP) would have understood my words. I also listened to him. The countries are run this way only. This is nothing new”.



Nawaz cases

Regarding the court cases against Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister said they did not expect any justice from accountability court.

He said there were no strong evidences nor any corruption allegations against the former prime minister, who had left the office within no time of his disqualification by the Supreme Court just on the basis of a residential permit (Iqama).



PML-N development feats

The prime minister who earlier unveiled plaques to launch three mega development projects, said both Pervez Musharraf and Zardari had failed to carry out development projects like gas and power supply, roads, dams or canals.

He said as the incumbent government assumed power, the country used to import a million ton of fertiliser and also inherited gas and power crises, closed power plants and industries.

Contrarily, he said today the government was executing gas projects worth 11 billion only in Sargodha which would increase the supply threefold and end the load shedding.

He said throughout the country, one could see the development projects executed by only the PML-N government be it is roads, hospitals or colleges contrary to previous governments which used to work for minting money.

He told the gathering that the government did not allow the sit-ins or court cases to impede the course of national development and carried out development projects even more than Sindh, KP and even those done during last 65 years.

Mentioning the generation of 10,500 megawatt during this tenure, the prime minister said there was enough electricity to cope with the requirement however there could be some local issues.

Recounting his government’s credits of bringing down the inflation, and improving the economic growth from 3 percent to 5.7 percent, the prime minister said the 1700-kilometer long motorways was being constructed or nearing completion.

As requested by the local parliamentarians, the prime minister agreed over the establishment of a women university, cancer and children hospital besides gas supply to the rest of the localities of the city. He hoped that the PML-N would claim even more seats in the upcoming general elections.


Unfairly elected senators ‘must be sent packing’