MIRPURKHAS  -    Dozens of people belonging to Hindu community, under the banner of Bheel Sujag Council, held a protest demonstration outside local press club against the abduction, forced conversion, and marriage of underage Hindu girls here on Saturday.

Led by Hero and Ravoto Bheel, the participants were carrying banners and placards, and they also raised slogans in support of their demands.

Speaking to the protestors, Ravoto Bheel vehemently condemned the forced conversion of the under age Hindu girls, their alleged abduction, and forced marriage. He said that it had panicked the people of Hindu community, and created a sense of insecurity among them.

He urged the government to recover the abducted Rena and Ravena, Meghwar Hindu sisters of Dharki, Shanya Bheel of Hyderabad, and others without any delay and hand over them to heirs or Darul Aman to give them protection.

Sangeta Meghwar said that underage girls, who convert their religion, should be stopped from marriage for two years. She said: “At this time, Hindu community people are living in panic and without protection. They want safety.” She said that those involved in the abduction of Hindu girls should be arrested and awarded exemplary punishment.

Ismail Bheel urged the government to provide safety to the minorities without any delay, and ensure effective steps to remove the sense of insecurity among them.


Provincial Minister for Minorities, Social Welfare and Food Hari Ram Kishori Lal took notice of the illness of a Hindu Meghwar woman who had failed to get proper medical treatment due to lack of money at Ahmed Khan Bhurgari village.


, near Samaro Town on Saturday.

He directed his personal secretary Advocate Hiralal Meghwar to visit the above village and shift the woman to Hyderabad Hospital for proper medical treatment.

Sources said that the minister’s secretary arrived at the village and met the sick woman and her family members where it was revealed to him that Shremti Khani, wife of Danomal Meghwar, was mentally upset following the death of her daughter as she could not afford medical treatment for her daughter due to lack of money. The minister’s secretary assured them of her complete medical treatment and made arrangements to shift her to hospital at Hyderabad, sources added.