THARPARKAR  -    Malnutrition and epidemics continue to claim more lives as five more children dead during the past 24 hours, the health department said on Saturday. According to details, five children expired at Mithi Hospital, Tharparkar while dozen others affected of malnutrition and epidemics are still under treatment.

The latest deaths have taken the death toll in Tharparkar in March to 63 and 193 in the ongoing year so far. According to the health department, every year 1,500 children die due to malnutrition, infections and lack of proper medical facilities in the remote region.

Earlier, a report released by the United Nation’s Children Fund in April 2018 stated that Pakistan is among countries with the highest infant mortality rate, with 22 infants dying before turning one-month-old. Among these countries, eight are in Africa and two in Asia, including Afghanistan which is ranked third. “Pakistan is the riskiest place to be born as measured by its newborn mortality rate,” the report stated. “A baby born in Pakistan is almost 50 times more likely to die during his or her first month than a baby born in Japan, Iceland and Singapore”.

No need of Karwan-e-Bhutto

There is no need of Karwan-e-Bhutto or Bilawal’s train journey in Sindh because there is already a PPP-led government in the province and its leaders are enjoying powers.

“There is no strong political opponent against PPP in Sindh, but the PPP workers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab are hopeless. Therefore, Karwan-e-Bhutto should have visited KPK and Punjab to encourage the PPP workers there.” This was suggested by Jagan Khan Bhayo, the newly-elected chief Sardar of Bhaya community of Sindh, in a press statement, here on Saturday. Mr Bhayo added that the PPP leaders had sacrificed their lives for the sake of democracy.


 adding that all the elected representatives of the PPP should unite to serve the people in accordance with the mission left by the party founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Regarding deadly disputes, he said that deadly disputes must be reached at its logical end for the welfare of the people of Shikarpur.

He added that law enforcement agencies were playing their pivotal role to maintain law and order in Shikarpur and Sindh.

Also, PPP leadership is able to run government with good governs while there is more need to improve it with the joint co-operation of the general public for well being of the masses and integrity of the country, statement read.