New Delhi  -    Narendra Modi has been sworn in for a second term as India’s prime minister after his party won a landslide majority in the recent election, reported BBC on Thursday.

Thousands were invited to the ceremony in Delhi, including regional leaders and Bollywood stars. But notable names were excluded, including Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan, and some opposition leaders stayed away.

The election was seen as a referendum on Modi, 68, who is adored by many but also accused of stoking divisions. He ran a campaign dominated by his personal image and national security after tensions with Pakistan spiked in February in the disputed region of Kashmir.

A new cabinet has also been sworn in, and includes the chief of Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Amit Shah is credited with steering the party to victory in the election, the results of which were announced last week. A BJP-led alliance won 354 seats in the 545-member lower house, known as the Lok Sabha.

Modi retained his seat of Varanasi by a margin of nearly half a million votes. He has become the first leader since 1971 to secure a single party majority in back-to-back elections. His government will be under pressure to deal with a slowdown in India’s economy and provide more jobs.

The new government suffered a blow on Wednesday when Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said he was standing down for health reasons.

As Mr Modi was being sworn in for a second term, his supporters rose from their seats and applauded enthusiastically. Loud cheers were also reserved for Mr Modi’s friend and BJP president Amit Shah, who was credited with securing this resounding victory for the party.