LAHORE   -   OPPO has unveiled its new brand identity by announcing the launch of its power packed Reno series in Pakistan. Here is the interview of Ali Kakvi, Marketing Director, Oppo Pakistan.

Q: Can you briefly shed light on the new OPPO logo and re-identification?

A: OPPO took on a new initiative of crafting a new brand identity for itself while building upon the legacy. OPPO partnered with world-renowned designer Eddie Opara of Pentagram, New York. While OPPO has reinforced its commitment towards a more costumer centric approach, OPPO plans to translate its ideology in the up and coming RENO series. Emphasis has been on: quality, uniqueness to detail, creativity and innovation. The new brand identity is aimed particularly towards OPPO’s trendsetters across the globe.

Q: Walk us through the transformation into the portrait experts as you transition from F series to Reno series?

A: OPPO didn’t want to just stop at being the best selfie experts. We aim to provide the best portrait options also. Being a versatile brand; we want to be known for our innovation.We recently did that by launching our pop-up selfie sensation, the F11 pro. Reno Series builds up on that. From this point on, there is no looking back. OPPO aims to provide the best of both alongside providing the best phones through unique designs, a quality user interface and an overall luxury experience.

Q: How will Reno bridge the gap in the Pakistani mobile market?

A: RENO series is the pinnacle of our innovation. RENO offers features that are simply outstanding! All around the world RENO has had a positive review. This smartphone is a one stop solution that provides the best features in this price range while being easy on the customer’s pocket. RENO offers features like the 10x ZOOM and 5G capabilities that would make this series an instant hit in the country.

Q: What can be expected from the Reno series? And more importantly when?

A: RENO series will come loaded with features that will make it impossible to beat for its price. The Reno Series is tipped to dethrone many flagship phones. The 10x Zoom, as the name suggests comes equipped with a telephoto lens that will allow the phone to get 10x hybrid zoom and up to 60x digital zoom.OPPO plans to launch the RENO series somewhere mid-June on the current year.

Q: Can you tell us more about the hype surrounding the shot maker campaign and what is the campaign about?

A: The “shot maker” campaign celebrates expression, innovation and individuality. The aim is simply to engage our fans. The campaign encourages our fans to be a shot maker by themselves! It promotes freedom of expression and to further this cause OPPO has reeled in Shoaib Malik, the Pakistani all-rounder with a massive fan following. Shoaib is known for his down to earth personality yet has a very charismatic persona on the cricketing field. Malik will be the face of the shot maker campaign from Pakistan.

Q: Why was Shoaib Malik chosen as the brand


A: Malik is a veteran cricketer and has a fan following in millions. There were many notable names amongst the list but we picked Shoaib Malik because he fits the criteria perfectly for OPPO’s #BeAShotmaker campaign. He has won matches single handedly for Pakistan and has a shrewd sense of leadership. The shot maker campaign is aimed at the youth for the freedom of self-expression, individuality and innovation and Shoaib Malik over the years has done precisely that.

Q: Tell us more about your association with ICC CWC 2019?

A: Cricket is something people hold very dear to their hearts, especially in Pakistan. The sport is very popular amongst all age groups in particular the youth. OPPO’s prime target market is the youth, we pride ourselves on making products that will be popular amongst the youth. ICC World Cup is the biggest arena in the world of cricket, the event has millions of fans throughout the world. The ICC Cricket World Cup bring us the perfect opportunity to connect with our fans worldwide. OPPO has bestowed the honor of brand ambassador on the Pakistani superstar Shoaib Malik. The veteran cricketer will be the face of OPPO throughout the World Cup.

Q: What does OPPO aim to achieve from the world cup campaign in Pakistan?

A: OPPO started rather humbly in the country but over the course of 5 years OPPO has cemented its place in the industry, we are now a renowned brand in Pakistan purely because we have provided best value for money. Today we are known for our quirky designed smartphones with state-of-the-art features. We at OPPO realize the connection between cricket and people of Pakistan, the roots of cricket run deep in the society and we wish to connect to their hearts while providing them with the best smartphones.