LAKKI MARWAT - Local leaders of All Teachers Association (Tarnabi Group) have said that the regularisation of contract teachers has hindered promotion of teachers of different cadres. Talking to journalists in Serai Gambila on Sunday, Rehmatullah, Wahid Murad, Saifur Rehman and Noor Aslam said that the teachers who had been working against PTC, CE and PET posts for the last 20 years should be promoted to the posts of senior English teachers and subject specialists. Demanding restoration of teachers son quota and a service structure before 1998 they said that thousands of teachers had been deprived of their due rights of promotions to the posts of SET and SS by regularizing the contract teachers. They said the government should set up a teacher foundation hospital in each district of the province to provide free treatment facilities to the retired teachers and their families. The teachers of primary, middle and high schools should be included in the committees formed to formulate curriculum for primary to secondary grades, they maintained. They also demanded of the government to increase salaries of the government employees in proportion to the recent wave of inflation.