ISLAMABAD - Bad project management and delay in sanctions delayed the Mangla Dam Raising Project by 4 years and caused more than Rs 100 billion loss to the national kitty and still the government is making wrong claims about the additional electricity to be generated from the project. TheNation has reliably learnt on Sunday that the cost for the said project was around Rs 60b in the start but the new cost of the project has crossed Rs 100 billion due to delay in the project. All this happened due to alleged unnecessary delay in completing the project, the sources said. The Project was to be completed 4 years ago that still has not been done and the government could not achieve the required raised water level to generate extra 650 million units. Technically speaking, there is no new powerhouse installed at the dam but extra water storage could help generate these units, the sources said. According to experts, the country has suffered Rs 40 billion loss in terms of increased cost of the project during the four years period and it has also suffered Rs 72 billion loss in terms of the money that could have been saved during these years had the project been completed in time. The sources further said that generating extra 650 million units means saving around Rs 19 billion cost difference of thermal and hydel power generation. They also said that the government still has not attained the required level to generate 650m extra units and only 150m units can be generated at present. They revealed that 1230 feet water level is required to generate the claimed electricity but at present the government have only attained the level of 1209 feet that cannot generate more than 150 million extra units. The reason they told is that to raise the water level the area has to be vacated that still has not been done as the govt still has to pay Rs 9 billion to affected people.