PESHAWAR - Diverting their attention to terrorism activities, the city police have ignored dacoities, robberies and other street crimes due to which a record increase in theses crimes has been witnessed since the last few months. It has created a sense of insecurity among the residents of Peshawar. Credible sources told TheNation that three incidents of dacoity occurred in Sufed Derai in which three destinations were targeted under the jurisdiction of a single police check post. The first incident of Dacoit occurred near a police check in the house of Haji Niaz Akbar resident of Sufed Derai, which is away from the check post only at 40-yard distance. The armed dacoits harassed the family members and looted 600 gram Gold from the house. The targeted house was extremely near to police check post, but despite this they successfully managed their escape. The second incident of dacoity occurred in the same jurisdiction in which two shops - Zafar General Store and a shop owned by Afghan national - were looted by burglars and taken away all the valuable goods and cash amount from these shops. Soon after this incident another shop was targeted on canal road in same jurisdiction in which all the valuables of the shop were brazenly looted by taking advantage of night darkness and police sleepy attitude. The people of the area have expressed deep concern and termed the police check posts of the area purposeless as police in this area completely failed to provide protection to the lives and property of the masses against this organized group of dacoit. Moreover, a person identified Mushtaq resident of Taj Abad who was on way to school for dropping his children was picked up by armed person along with his vehicle and disembarked his children in open Board Bazar in a broad day light. So far police did not found any clue regarding his where about. On October 29, five armed persons entered the house of Maqsood and looted 15 Tolas of Gold and other valuable. At the same night five other armed dacoits enter the house of Haji Liqat in Gul Bahar No-2 and after torturing family members looted 110 Tola Gold along with cash amount. Several untoward incidents has also been reported in Hayat Abad, Gul Barg and Peshtahra area where armed persons intercepting common people and snatching mobile phones from the masses. Several persons have complained against Peshtakhara police and informed that Peshtakhara police are busy in extortion from truck and trailer owners when they are on way to Afghanistan via Pak-Afghan high way. The drivers were of the view that low rank police personnel told them that police high ups have also some share in this extortion which they collecting from various vehicles. They also blamed certain SHOs who have given green signals to their low rank staff. It is worth mentioned here that if the newly appointed chief of city police did not take serious notice of these mounting crimes, dacoits and extortion in the city, then there is eminent damager that these organized groups of criminals would start looting the masses during broad day light. Besides focusing terrorism, Inspector General of Police Akbar Khan Hoti should also pay attention towards this issue as providing security and bringing discipline in police ranks would also be one of the time-testing job for the newly appointed IG as well as CCCP Imtiaz Altaf.