ISLAMABAD (INFN) : As the Eid is approaching fast and people from all walks of life are worrying about their shopping for the Eid, those who were late to purchase clothes are endeavouring to get them sewed and some are busy and bothered about buying animals. Animals from different areas of the country like Sargodha, Khushab and other parts have started arriving in the Mandi of Islamabad. But the rates of the animals are beyond the reach of common men which are disappointing them severely. But it is inevitable to buy something for the sacrifice. The prices of goats and sheep have also increased by up to 30 percent. The average prices of the animals are more than 35,000 which are out of reach of a common man, Hassan a purchaser there said while talking to INFN. Shafiq Muhammad a clerk who was present in the mandi along with his brother said, I have come here to buy a goat but I got astonished when I inquired about the prices of some of the animals here in the mandi. Vendors are selling goats above Rs30, 000. When I told him the goat should not cost me more than 10,000 he instantly said It was some four years back that a goat would cost 10, 000 but not now. At new Aabpara Archade, Muhammad Adnan, Aqib and Abid, who are tailors by profession in a basement at the market, have been working day and night for the whole month.