ISLAMABAD (Online) Eunuchs in Rawalpindi are resorting to begging and prostitution, after being hard pressed by spiraling inflation as the people are no longer interested in hiring their services as singers and dancers to add colour to their happy occasions like weddings, aqiqas and circumcision ritual of a newly born boy. In days time they are busy begging while in the night they can be seen standing beside an illuminated pole along a busy thoroughfare to attract customers equipped with their entire armoury-blushing make-up, shining hair and perfumed body. Hence the city eunuchs have apparently fallen on bad times. One can find a number of them asking for alms from motorists at busy traffic intersections-going from car to car, clapping in their inimitable style and trying to win over a little money. Eunuchs have of course always performed for money. But they had not so far been forced to beg. They would materialise at weddings and births and sing, even dance, and invoke Gods blessings on the lucky couple or the new born. How they manage to get wind of every birth and marriage in a locality has always been a mystery. With faces as colourful as their attire, eunuchs seem as if they are out painting the town red Maintaining our traditional get-up-make up, jewellery and clothes-is very expensive, and then there are other necessities of life that only money can get for you, that is why we now have to resort to beggary; this has become a sole source of earning, revealed admittedly Reema, a transvestite in Dhok Khabba. When asked whether he/she had ever engaged in prostitution, embarrassment and shame flashed across Reshman, a young eunuch, replying either people have lost their taste for music or we have lost the mellowness of our voice. People already treat us like beggars so whats the harm in doing it. Our customers are only interested in sex. We have to satisfy our customers in anyway, Reshman said.Eunuchs are spread all over the country. As far as their percentage in the total population is concerned, it is yet to be ascertained. There is no provision for this gender in the census form, since they neither belong to the male nor the female one. Also called as 'hijra, 'khusra, 'chakka or what is recognised as the 'third sex community, eunuchs are a reality that is largely ignored and often shunned by the society.