Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan supports military actions against terrorists and extremists to safeguard its own interest and for global peace. We are supporting military action against terrorists and extremists. The terrorists are working against the interest of my country and we are fighting for the peace, prosperity and progress of the entire world, Gilani said in an interview with ABC News political correspondent Lyndal Curtis in Perth before leaving for home. Prime Minister Gilani said as a frontline state, Pakistan paid a huge price not in form of casualties but also in shape of weakening national economy. He said he had got the Pakistani nation united against the fight against terrorism. Nobody can win a war without the support of masses. All the political forces [in Pakistan] including the parliament are on one page, he said. He mentioned that the casualties by NATO forces combined were much less in number than Pakistan alone. He condemned the recent incident of death of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan and added that he condemned every incident of terrorism in its all forms and manifestation. Gilani said Pakistan was vigilant about the cross-border movement and was interested in placing an authentic biometrics system at the border with Afghanistan. He said there existed an excellent cooperation on defence and intelligence both with the United States and Australia. We further need to have a greater cooperation between the US, Afghanistan and the ISAF. We have to work together so as to fight this common enemy, he said.