LAHORE The MQM, which is believed to be the arch rival of Imran Khans Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has welcomed the PTIs arrival in real politics. Accepting that the Minar-e-Pakistan show of street power on Sunday was first such show of force by Imran, an MQM leader said: New political changes are taking place. Talking to TheNation, MQM spokesman Wasay Jalil appreciated the success of the PTIs public moot and called it a positive sign for the countrys politics. However, he added that the PTI was going through the phase of expanding its political clout and forecasting any major change in the already set electorate of the old parties could not be made before the next elections. Wasay observed that emergence of new parties on the national political scene would prove fruitful for strengthening the democracy, while the MQM strongly believing in democratic values always welcome new political players. He said that the MQM and the PTI both held two successful public meetings on the same day in Karachi and Lahore, respectively, while such moots strengthen the democratic values in the society. When contacted, PML-N spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rasheed claimed that there were only 16,132 chairs in the PTIs public moot instead of announced 50,000. He further claiming that there was not satisfactory gathering in PTI meeting said that they should at least gather 40 to 50 thousand people to make the show successful. Pervaiz said that Imran Khan should have announced launching a civil disobedience movement against load shedding instead of assets declaration issue. He added that a law regarding declaring assets already exits, as the politicians submit the details of their assets with Election Commission during filing of their nomination papers. The PML-N leader while evading himself from recognizing the success of the PTIs moot said that elections were the only tool to gauge the popularity of any political force. Kamil Ali Agha, central secretary information PML-Q when reached while congratulating the PTI for holding a successful public meeting said, PTI has now established itself as a national political party and it should be taken as a serious political player. He said that Imran Khan delivered an issue-based speech, which attracted the common man. Commenting over the PTIs future in electoral politics, he observed that it would not be possible for Imran to take a solo flight, as next elections would be contested on the basis of various political alliances, while Imran has yet to choose his political partners. APML senior leader and spokesman Fawad Chaudhary expressing his views over Imran Khans show said that APML supports all pro-change political forces, which includes the PTI. He said, PTI public moot has established the fact that Lahore has been taken from its claimant the PML-N, while Imran has proved himself a force to be reckon with. Fawad maintained that Musharraf and Imran have become the most popular figures of the world. PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) spokesperson, Kashmala Tariq when contacted observed that people gathered at Minar-e-Pakistan for a change and not in the love of Imran Khan. Like-Minded leader proposed to PTI chief being claimant of change should get new faces in his party instead of time-tested old faces of traditional political forces. She further proposed to Imran that he should raise the question of declaration of assets of generals, bureaucrats and industrial barons besides the politicians. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, chief of Awami Muslim League expressing his views said that PTI public moot in the heart of Punjab, has ringed the bells of change.