LAHORE - Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) new chairman Zaka Ashraf has said that there will be no compromise on discipline and grouping from the players in Pakistan team, it is reliably learnt on Sunday. Zaka Ashraf said he has been informed that some players indulge in sorts of infighting and grouping. "I have been told about this and if this is true then we will take steps to sort out the problem as there is going to be no compromise on discipline till I am heading the board," Ashraf said. "I will be revisiting the code of conduct yet again to ensure there are no grey areas and the players and board know their roles clearly as well as their responsibilities," he said. The new PCB chief also made it clear that he will deal with an iron hand with players who bring bad name to Pakistan cricket. Pakistan's image has taken a beating in the last two years because of the involvement of some players in not only spot-fixing but also in unethical practices.