LAHORE Despite holiday, thousands of commuters faced severe shortages of public transport at city routes on Sunday. During a visit at Ferozpur Road, Jail Roal and Multan Road, rush of people was witnessed at every bus stop and people were observed standing and waiting transport to reach their destinations. Unavailability of public transport at majority of routes has become a major problem of the provincial metropolis. There are less than 250 buses plying at routes and majority of them are in a decaying condition. In the present scenario, the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) is in a practice of making only tall claims. Punjab Chief Minister about nine months before had changed the Companys chairman Tasneem Norani by terming the former top bureaucrats performance below standards and appointed his close ally Khawaja Ahmad Hassan as Company Chairman. But unfortunately even after passing eight months, Khawaja Hassan could not add even a single bus at city routes. Instead of adding buses, the company had added about 100 new transport enforcement inspectors into its 'fleet and also created another post of the company vice-chairman for a PML-N MPA Mehar Ishtiaq. An official of the LTC on the condition of anonymity said that bringing buses at city routes has become a major challenge for the company. It looks, the official added, the demand of public transport in Lahore would not be met in next two years. It is not an easy task, local transporters are not willing to invest in urban transport sector on balance terms and conditions, disclosed the official. Though the Company had entered into an agreement with Chinese companies after the personal interference of Shahbaz Sharif, the buses are yet to arrive. Half of 58 routes of the City were already closed. Only rickshaws and Chingchi have been facilitating thousands of commuters at main canal road and Allam Iqbal Road, Circular Road, Nisbat Road, Lohari, Ravi Road, Lower Mall, Shahdrah, Aziz Road, Misri Shah, Shadbeg and other areas in Northern Lahore are of routes. The ratio of transports shortages has gone up on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to unavailability of CNG at citys filling stations.