LAHORE The spiralling trend of tomato and onion prices is continuing at Sunday makeshift markets as well as in the open market despite abundant supply from the neighbouring country. The limited supply of tomatoes and onions to the makeshift markets vexed the visitors, as these items were not available at several Sunday bazaars. The officials of the City District Government were not taking any action against the shopkeepers who were refusing to sell tomatoes on fixed rates. The officials were bitterly failed to ensure the vegetables items at lower rates in all Sunday bazaars in the provincial capital. Though the some of the vegetables prices have shown a declining trend, as their rates were reduced in the range of Rs1 to Rs4 as compared to the last weeks rates, yet the onion and tomatoes prices are not coming down substantially despite the fact that around 50 to 60 truckloads of tomatoes from India are crossing Wagah border daily to reach Pakistan, market sources told TheNation. In the same way, the shipment of the onions from India as well as Kabul are coming to Pakistan regularly but the rate of this commodity is still hovering around Rs50 to Rs70. If the demand and supply mechanism is true the rates of both the items should come down considerably keeping in view of the immense supply of these items but thanks to hoarders who have held the supply to keep rates high for their maximum margin, said a vegetable market vender. There was no shortage in the open market, as they were full of all kinds of vegetables but the same items were totally or partially missing in the Sunday bazaars. Cauliflower witnessed a decrease in prices as its rates were down to Rs30 per kg from Rs50 last week. The bitter gourd and lady finger were not available in most of the stalls. In the same way peas, despite showing a high rate, was very rare and visitors were facing trouble to buy them. Several other items shown a hike in their rates and were being sold at high prices this Sunday if compared to the last week rates. Garlic Chinese was up by Rs20 and was available for Rs90 per kg from last week of Rs70 per kg. In the same way garlic desi was up and was selling for Rs100 per kg. Ginger showed a jump and was selling for Rs80 per kg, however other variety of gingers including Thailand and Chinese rate remained constant. Spinach rates were Rs25 per kg but was available in limited amount. Brinjal price was fixed at Rs15 and cabbage price was fixed at Rs40 per kg. The rate of Bitter Gourd was fixed at Rs50 per kg, ladyfinger at Rs40 per kg but later was missing in Sunday bazaars. The price of potato new was fixed at Rs35 per kg. Pumpkin price was fixed at Rs60 per kg which was available for Rs70 last week.