Pakistan has rejected the allegations of German newspaper that Pakistani intelligence agencies are involved in spying on the German security forces in Afghanistan. Its worth mentioned that German weekly Bildam Sonntag, without citing its sources, reported on Sunday that Germany's BND foreign intelligence agency warned its interior ministry that Pakistan had spied on 180 German police officers deployed in Afghanistan to train locals. A Pakistani foreign ministry official, who asked not to be identified, described the report as "ridiculous" and "baseless". Pakistan military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said the report was not worth commenting on. Bildam Sonntag said private telephone calls, messages to the German interior ministry, military mission orders and lists of police officer names had been intercepted, raising fears that the sensitive information could end up in the hands of the Taliban. The German interior ministry said the BND suspected a German email had been intercepted but could not give confirmation. The ministry added it was not aware of any comprehensive interception of German police data. The BND declined to comment on the report.