ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has decided to present its upright stance in the US-sponsored Istanbul conference on Afghanistan, slatted for November 2, that no process that lacks support of the Afghan government and the people of Afghanistan would succeed to establish lasting peace. "Islamabad would convincingly present its case that Afghan-owned and Afghan-led reconciliation process is the key to lasting peace, and will leave it to United States to support it or reject it," diplomatic sources told TheNation. They feared that Pakistan's insistence on the key proposition relating to the lasting peace in the war-torn country might annoy the United States, but it would not oppose any formula other than this one presented by the US. The US would be responsible for the success and failure of its formula because Pakistan believes that no peace process in Afghanistan would bear fruits if it lacked support of the government and people of Afghanistan. According to sources, Pakistan was committed to peace and stability in Afghanistan, but it would not support any proposition that undermined its national interest. This stance, the sources said, was evolved in the backdrop of media reports that the United States was likely to dish out a proposal seeking to draw monitors from various regional countries including India to monitor Pak-Afghan border.