ISLAMABAD (APP) Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has taken the glimpses of traditional cultural heritage through performing arts to rural areas of the country with its programme for youngsters of Katchi Abadis. With a focus on educating youth about their rich cultural heritage, the programme has been arranging shows in slum areas in the premises of federal capital and other areas of the country, said Tauqeer Nasir, Director General PNCA while talking to APP. Children and youngsters largely participate in the shows at Katchi Abadis as they have less quality entertainment opportunities with information about their traditions, he said, adding these shows are also an attempt to engage them in healthy and positive activities and create interest in performing arts. The performers of National Performing Arts Group (NPAG) and National Puppet Theater organize special activities for the audience of rural areas that include puppet shows, regional dances, national songs and skits to highlight various social issues. Tauqeer Nasir said the purpose behind this programme is to provide informative entertainment for the deprived communities and give a platform to the art lovers of these areas for expressing their creativity. It enables them to utilize their talent in extracurricular activities to the fullest that is also an essential part of their training. The children and youngsters of slum areas also participate in the programmes of performing arts to showcase their abilities and get encouragement for making their name in the field. Our youth has the talent which needs to be explored and promoted through such programmes and this effort will give birth to many artists of visual and performing arts, he said. It the duty of state to own its artists in a way that could give due recognition to the services of artists and make them ambassadors of their nation, Tauqeer Nasir remarked. This approach will give a boost to their energies and they can work in a more better way for promoting soft image of the country. PNCA is endeavoring to make its activities approachable for common man and in this regard, cultural shows and exhibitions have been arranged in all the provinces, he added. Meanwhile, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has scheduled a free puppet show for children and students from various educational institutions of twin cities here on October 31. The National Puppet Theater will showcase the skills of its puppeteers featuring vibrant costumed puppets and present Folk Tales, Skits, regionnational songs to provide informative entertainment. The show will highlight various issues like health, education and environment. Children along with parents are invited to attend the show.