QUETTA Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani has said that real democracy was restored in the country after a long dictatorship and untiring struggle and sacrifices of political leaders and the workers. He said everybody must make efforts now to protect and strengthen the democratic institutions. Talking to a group of provincial ministers here at his office on Sunday, he said, Political forces should demonstrate rationality after experiencing dictatorial regimes and avoid such acts that might provide opportunities to anti-democratic forces for achieving their nefarious designs. He praised the efforts of President Zardari for making parliament powerful through 18th Amendment and said he was elected by all electoral colleges and had every right to complete his tenure. President is the symbol of unity of the Federation, so all political parties should respect him, he added. Referring to his decision of making Gwadar as winter capital, the chief minister said that the decision would not only open new opportunities for progress and investment for the province but would also help to speed up the economic activities of Gwadar Port besides implementation on Gwadar master plan. The trade activities of Gwadar Port would change the fate of the country and generate local economy of the people as well, he maintained. Expressed amazement over the criticism by some quarters for deciding to make Gwadar as winter capital, Raisani said on one hand these elements were raising hue and cry over the backwardness and lack of governments efforts, but on the other hand they were criticising the government for its sincere efforts to develop the province. Rejecting the criticism, he said it was not in favour of Balochistan as well as its people. About the statement of a nationalist party regarding usurping Pashtoon rights, Raisani said the statement was not justified as Baloch and Pashtoon had been living like brothers for centuries sharing common things like traditions and culture. Nationalist party wants to create differences and hatred among brothers in a bid to fulfil their nefarious designs, he remarked adding, it was the same political party which boycotted the census of 1997 and caused harm to Baloch as well as Pashtoon communities.