BADIN - Negligence and incompetency of public health department Badin has caused more than 100 water filter plants dysfunctional and closed from long of the couple months.

Citizens of Tando Bago, Matli, Talhar, Golarchi, Badin and other towns and cities of the district were deprived of pure drinking water facility to quench their thirst and prevent their families of different diseases including dermatitis, itching, gastro, digestive and other complications.

According to reports more than two million population out of which 500 thousand people of the district were benefited of filter plants but dysfunctional and closed plants for many months have suffered citizens and it was feared of several diseases among the innocent kids and minors.

On the other hand, citizens held protest demonstration against carelessness of the public health department and closure of such filter plants.

While, talking to the media they said citizens of district were deprived of pure and potable drinking water deliberately. They said that it was so regrettable that donkeys and dogs were witnessed in those filter plants while debris, thrown material, heap and garbage was causing worsen condition of the plants.

They demanded from chief minister of Sindh for early restoration and maintenance of defaulted and dysfunctional filter plants for provision of pure drinking water to the citizens.

It is pertinent to mention that some days earlier, operators of those water filter plants held protest demonstration in front of Badin Press Club against non-payment of their salaries and regularisation and they said those dysfunctional filter plants were defaulted of material and due to carelessness those were not maintained and made functional to benefit the citizens.

Meanwhile, public of the district demanded from concerned authorities to take notice of the matter and put their sincere efforts to make those water filter plans functional on urgent basis.