BAHAWALPUR-There will history's biggest migration due to severe drought in the Cholistan desert due to famine feared by the local people if timely steps are not taken by the government.

The drought could turn into a famine in Cholistan, which consists of 6.6 million acre land, due to lack of rainfalls; everyone from humans to livestock all are yearning for a drop of water; natural reserves like Tobas are also dried up as a result of which large number of people have migrated to other areas with water availability, they said.

In Cholistani areas including Derawar, Toba Sultan Shah, Langahwala, Marot's Cholistani area along with Jugaitpir's Tobas Chadhrawala, Dolo Jamal, Nawa Parharan, Toba Saraan, Bahuwala, Aamwala, Sher Khan, Kalay Paar Thandi Khui and other areas, 95 percent of more than 1,100 tobas have dried up, they said.  As a result,  they added, the grazing land for livestock is also not growing while even the wild herbs are drying and people are migrating to other areas due to lack of water and fodder.

According to the unofficial statistics, the total number of livestock in Cholistan is 2 million and human population of 200,000. According to Cholistani sources, four pipelines of drinking water are not enough. They said five schemes of extension of pipelines could not complete so for.

The people demanded arrangements of water for them and their cattle otherwise they will die of thirst. They added that drought is turning into famine but elected representatives of the area are not taking any notice. Cholistan Development Authority XEN Aashiq Langah said on being contacted that considering the drought in Cholistan arrangements for the provision of drinking water is being made and for this all resources are being utilized.

As many as 30 processions and 56 Majalis will be held in connection the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS). To ensure foolproof security, Bahawalpur Police issued the security plan. According to the security plan, a total of 30 processions and 56 Majalis will be held from which 1 of category A, 8 of category B and 21 of category C processions will be taken out. Six Majalis of category B and 50 of category C are included in the plan. To ensure the foolproof security, more than 1,468 police officials along with Police volunteers, Special Police Force and Traffic Police will do security duty.

District Police officer Bahawalpur Ameer Taimoor Buzdar said while issuing the directions to SDPOs and SHOs to ensure the implementation of security plan. He said processions be monitored though CCTV cameras and all the people participating in the processions be allowed to enter after being searched through metal detectors and walkthrough gates.

He directed in the processions and Majalis, lady police be deployed for searching female participants while whole area be sealed with fences and only one entrance be used. He added that DSP Traffic will be responsible for maintaining the flow of traffic through alternate routes.

He directed SDPOs and SHOs to remain in contact with Peace Committee members and also attain their assistance. The DPO said that Bahawalpur Police were fully equipped and ready to counter any unpleasant incident during Chehlum and in this regard control room has also been established in DPO Office.