CHARSADDA - At least four people including a local journalist were shot dead here on Tuesday over family property inheritance feud in the district.

According to details, an issue of property inheritance was there, which turned violent when Syed Arshad Jamal, a resident of Tala Shah Village on Tuesday morning first killed his mother, sister-in-law and his two-year old nephew.

Local police said that 35-year-old Syed Jamal was fleeing from the scene when his cousin, Ihsanullah Sherpao, a local journalist, came to stop him. Resultantly, he opened fire on him and also killed him on the spot inside his car.

The journalist killed was also cousin of the killer. He after committing the crime fled the scene. Police launched operation to arrest him. Police said that the suspect was a drug addict and had killed his wife in the past. The suspect was also wanted to police in various other cases.

Ihsanullah Sherpao was a senior local journalist and also general secretary of Charsadda Press Club. He was presently associated with a Pashtu-language TV channel.

Later, the bodies were shifted to district headquarters hospital and buried at their ancestral graveyard.