LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that no corrupt, no matter how influential and powerful he may be, will be spared from accountability.

The process of accountability will not only end corruption but also establish the principle of merit, the governor said while talking to Provincial Minister Zakat, Shaukat Ali Maneka and Deputy Speaker in the Punjab Assembly Dost Muhammad Mazari who separately called on him on Tuesday.

Ch Sarwar said: “The PTI government is going ahead with the process of accountability with complete sincerity and honestly. Upholding dignity and respect of the national institutions is the top priority of the PTI government and that is possible only when the institution perform in the public and national interest.”

He said for making the country strong and stable continuation of democracy is inevitable. He also asked the masses not to give ear to the misleading statements of the politically immature persons and those who are disseminating propaganda and talking hypothesis and assumptions.

The Punjab governor further said that elected representatives owe their existence in the House to the public mandate as such public service is not only the first step towards justifying their the trust voters repose in them but also implement the party manifesto. Ignorance to the problems of the masses and their rights always causes downfall of a rule, he said reiterating that the PTI government is determined to carry out ruthless accountability of the corrupt as corruption is a cancer that has hollowed roots of the country, he added.  “Ending corruption also means giving rise to merit and rule of law in the country. Now no corrupt will be able to escape accountability on the basis of one’s power and influence,” he said adding, across the board accountability is the slogan of the PTI government that will implement the same under all circumstances.

The masses will see with their own eyes accountability of the corrupt taking place in letter and spirit, he added.