KARACHI - Sindh police constituted another specialised unit under CTD investigation, in order to curb target killing incidents of Police personnel, LEAs officials, political and sectarian personalities, on Tuesday.

The specialised unit ‘Target Killing Working Groups’ would functioned under the supervision of SSP Investigation as Syed Ali Raza will be the in-charge of the working group.

According to the notification, the group has been tasked to develop information and intelligence system regarding target killings. The group also analyzed the connections in between the cross border links and local links involved in target killings.The notification further said that the group also identifies areas of target killer’s activities in Karachi.

The group has an objective to choke their weapons and money supply chain to the groups involved in such sort of incidents.

The unit would also makes research to identify their patrons and promoters which may include religious, political groups, religious institutions promoting militancy, extremism, terrorism and sectarianism and others, notification added.

The group also would collect data and analysis all target killing cases and prepare a strategic plan on every target killing case to avert any further target killings.